Online business ideas and how you can do your own thing

Building your own online business with a smartphone and MacBook

We frequently receive questions from people who want to break new ground and make their expert knowledge accessible to even more people. These are very often already successful women and men who want to find out about selling their own online courses. Or entrepreneurs and self-employed people who want to know whether an Amazon FBA business fits their business idea, for example.

Maybe you want to start an online business and sell your products and services online in order to more time for the personal moments to win? You want to use your ingenious knowledge Automated selling via the Internet?

Then we have something really ingenious for you!

In this article, we have collected exciting and easy-to-implement online business ideas. And we'll show you how you can sharpen your focus for further opportunities.

How can I set up an online business?

Most of our online business ideas presented here can not only open doors for you, but entire gateways to really take off on the Internet.

Take a look around the web as if you were an investor at "The Lion's Den" - which, by the way, we can highly recommend.

The online world is packed with great opportunities to present your products or services to a wide audience. huge audience and consumers.

And with these people online and your most ingenious products, you can make some serious cash if you do it right.

Would you like the right Business Mentor for you at your side, then get in touch and we'll talk to see if we can find each other.

What is the easiest online business?

Whether you've already taken your first digital steps or are just starting out, you're guaranteed to find inspiration and inspiration here. Fresh approaches for the best online business ideas for beginners  find.

With certainty Frequently asked questions as if by itself - so be attentive and take notes on your thoughts!

As you certainly have an entrepreneurial mindset, you will quickly develop a keen sense of which online business models are more suited to you.

And above all, how you can Build up passive income and with what Earn money online sustainably lets.

Imagine your own digital business
Dreaming of your own idea on the Internet

The discovery of a perfect business

The strategic development of an online business requires a clear definition of a business idea as a first step. Do you already have an idea for an online business or are you still looking for one?

There are people who really want to take their own business online and are therefore looking for a profitable opportunity.

On the other hand, there are also those who recognize a gap in the market in their area of expertise, but are able to fill it. Developing the idea further and thus make the decision to build up their online business.

From your own wish to the finished business online

Be that as it may, the development of a Business concept requires time and an exchange with other providers.

Also very valuable are other perspectives and thinking outside the box, who can look far beyond the box than you might think at first.

Not forgetting the collection of initial Industry information from expertswho have already gained a foothold in your niche online.

Developing business ideas together
Discuss the ideas for the new business idea as a team

The better you know your niche and the more precise your online business ideas are, the easier it will be for you to turn them into a functioning strategy to develop.

But how can you be sure that your idea can actually become a successful online business?

One functioning business idea fulfills at least the following three criteria:

  • Your idea solves a real problem.
  • The idea matches your own entrepreneurial personality.
  • Your idea hits a market that is big enough to allow your company to grow in the long term.

Online business ideas like e-commerce: Sell your products online

Let's take a look at e-commerce. In the digital age, there are plenty of opportunities to turn your business idea into reality and sell your products online.

Choose the right platform

First of all, you have to think about where you want your Set up a webshop. There's a lot to choose from, but luckily you're here with us.

are just a few examples of platforms that can help you to Online store to create and manage.

Check the features and prices to find the right platform for you. Many tools have a free test phaseto get a taste of the service. In any case, if there is no free trial period to choose from, we recommend only booking a monthly package and not a whole year.

Making a comparison like this at the beginning can save you a lot of headaches at the end and also save you a few dollars.

And don't stress, you can always upgrade or change later if it doesn't suit you.

Test and implement your online idea
Test different platforms for your online store

Make it beautiful and clear

When your customers land on your webshop, they have to feel good and quickly find what they are looking for. So let's get started and make your store visually appealing and user-friendly.

Use high-quality product imagesthat show your goods from their best side. You're sure to find a good photographer who can create a few stylish product photos for a small fee. Or you prefer absolute top quality - then just get in touch with us.

Also pay attention to a clear and Easy to understand navigation. Nobody wants to fight their way through a jungle of categories and subcategories to get to their destination (we can promise you that these interested parties will jump off before then!)

Step on the gas with marketing

Everything good so far? Great, now it's time to get down to business: Marketing!

You won't get very far without proper advertising. Use Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTokto draw attention to you and your products.

We show you how to become visible on social media with the first steps in our video on YouTube.

Show what you've got!

Create engaging content that appeals to your target group straight to the heart - or in the itchy fingers, who pull out their credit card.

Use especially on Instagram Hashtags and mark Influencer by arrangement or other relevant accounts in order to Increase reach. And if you're up for it, you can even shoot a funny video clip or do a viral TikTok dance.

Just do it, what suits you and out with it! But it really has to suit you, otherwise you'll quickly look like a clown.


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Shipping and payment options

If your customers order from you, shipping and delivery must of course also be taken care of. Payment options fit. Offer them different options so that they feel comfortable and can choose their preferred method.

Inform your web visitors about the shipping costs and delivery times directly at the start so that they know what to expect.

Each simpler and more transparent the whole process is, the more likely they are to order from you. And they recognize right at the start when they free shipping can order from you - that really makes Buying mood.

Customer loyalty and service

Last but not least Customer loyalty is the be-all and end-all - not only in e-commerce. Give your customers a Extra portion of love and show them that you care about them.

Chic personalized Thank you e-mails that you professionally preparedso that they also want to read your emails and continue to follow you.

Offer special Vouchers for further purchases or think of other creative ways to retain your customers. There are no limits to your creativity.

For example, you could use a exclusive newsletter or offer a "digital bargain letter" by post or e-mail in which you Specials and Discounts only for your regular customers announce.

You can also use a Live chat or set up a virtual Q&A sessionwhere your customers can get in touch with you directly. Depending on your schedule, this can be once a week or once a month.

Or create a unique experience with you and your product world.

The more you take care of your customers and give them give you the feelingthat they are important and special to you, the more likely it is that they will be always buy from you again and you to your friends and acquaintances recommend.

Sell your know-how online: Digital services for clever minds

In today's digital world, there are a huge number of ways to Turning expertise into money and to help other people. So now we're bringing your digital services to the next level. Fasten your seatbelt, we're off straight away.

The digital know-how business is even cooler than an iced coffee in summer. If you're really clever, you can spend the summer lounging by the pool while your colleagues have to sweat in hot offices to earn a living.

Expert tipCreate e-books or checklists and use them to build an email list. Place Google Ads or meta advertising and give interested parties a digital taste of you.

The potential of your personal niche

If you are a Social media marketing expert or how we can provide expertise in the Video production find your niche and bring your skills to the digital stage!

Customer service and services provided online can be:

  • Translations
  • Service for lead generation
  • Video creation and editing
  • Software development
  • Online store structure
  • Web development / web design
  • SEO consulting and optimization
  • Online marketing consulting
  • Instagram marketing

and many more. Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Keep an eye on the big players and learn from them.

See what they do, and then show that you even better are.

Better expert with new ideas online
Making experts scalable through online business

Rely on digital platforms and tools

Now it's time to get down to business. In order to bring your digital know-how to the people, you need the right Tools and platforms.

Think about whether you Online courses create or One-to-one advice want to offer.

Platforms like Udemy, Elopage, Member spot, Digibiz24 or perhaps also our own member platform are perfect for this.

More about this soon on this website. But watch out:

We not only have the member area revolutionized but also a own app developed.

And if you need a cool tool for content creation or communication, be sure to check Canva.

This digital masterpiece will blow the minds of many Photoshop users and will make your online life much easier, because we have experienced it ourselves.

Show your best side: personal branding

Let's be honest: you can have all the know-how you want, but if you don't stand out from the crowd, you'll have a hard time succeeding.

The keyword here is Personal branding.

Make yourself Star in your field by putting your personality in the foreground. Show people who you are, what sets you apart and why you are the guru in your field.

Use social media to share your content, post videos and get in touch with your community.

But hey, don't forget to stay authentic. Nobody likes fake people. Everyone else is already out there - just not YOU yet!

No one is like you. And if you are you, you will only attract people who like you, who want to spend time with you and who see you as their expert.

We know from experience how much better your business can run when you real personality show. Create a hammer Instagram profile that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Love your customers and give them the best service

Okay, we know very well that it's a real challenge, but love your customers as if they were your own grandma. Create handmade products like your grandma used to bake cakes for you.

Customers are the magic key to your personal success. Treat them with respect, be available as much as possible and offer them the best service they have ever experienced.

A virtual assistant can support you very well here.

Answer their questions, solve their problems and surprise them with little extras.

And hey, if you want to crack a joke because it suits you and to lighten the mood, then go for it!

Humor is the best medicine to Making customers happy and them to bring a smile to your face. Your customers will become addicted to you - that's a promise!

Tip: Test your jokes on a small group of friends or colleagues first to make sure they really work and don't end up backfiring...


In business, it's not just about what you know, but also about who you know. So off to the digital stage and weave your web like a spider casts its web.

Visits Conferences, Meetups and Online eventsto meet like-minded people and exchange ideas with other experts.

Use all platforms and opportunities to show yourself and enter into discussions with potential customers and target group owners.

As you know, connections pay off. And who knows, maybe there will even be an opportunity for Cooperations or joint projects.

There are endless possibilities in the digital world, so make the most of them. Give your knowledge big wings and get off to a flying start

Affiliate marketing: recommend products and earn commissions on an ongoing basis

Affiliate marketing is also a great way for self-employed people and entrepreneurs to increase their income and at the same time help other people solve their problems.

We're not talking about simply setting up affiliate websites where you link to masses of products from Amazon and other affiliate commission platforms.

Of course, you can also earn money online if you do it right.

It's about a genuine person-to-person recommendation that creates real connections. Are you wondering how that works?

We'll tell you how to do it, even if you're a beginner:

By recommending products that you use yourself and that you are enthusiastic about, you can not only earn commissions, but also a Valuable connection to your target group.

What many people don't know: In our environment, every 3rd company has a Referral program and more or less compensates the new customer who came through you.

This can be in products, discounts or even cash.

The power of recommendation

One of the greatest strengths of the affiliate business is that it is based on personal recommendations.

We humans tend to listen to advice from people we trust rather than any advertisements or other common marketing materials.

The advertising promises of other webcams can be as sensational as they like and advertised with discounts...

If your counterpart, whom you perceive as an expert, recommends this ingenious webcam, with which he himself can be seen razor-sharp in the zoom, you will also enthusiastically buy the recommended product... Won't you?

Our customers trust us when we recommend one of these products. It is therefore extremely important that you establish yourself as a trustworthy source.

Even then, you should only recommend products that you are really convinced of and that have a real added value offer.

Ideally, these products fit perfectly into your own business and inspire your customers and friends.

Tip 1: Choose products that suit your target group

To be successful in affiliate or partner marketing, you should have a good understanding of the needs and interests of your target group.

What problems do they have?

What solutions are they looking for?

Or if there are deeper problems: What keeps them awake at night?

By selecting products that fit the needs of your target groupyou increase the likelihood that they will take your recommendations seriously.

Even if they look at and compare other products, they will realize that you haven't recommended junk and will actually buy the products.

Be with your Product range just get creative and think outside the box... What would be brilliant additions or auxiliary products for your prospects and customers?

Tip 2: Build a personal connection

People like to buy from people they like and trust.

Therefore, use your personality and individuality to create a Real connection to your target group build up.

Be authentic, honest and show that you are genuinely interested in their problems.

Tell stories from your own life and share your experiences with the products you recommend. The more you show yourself as a "real" person, the stronger the bond with your readers will be.

Get to know online business opportunities
Also inspired by online business ideas via smartphone

Tip 3: Offer added value

Simply bluntly advertising a product is not enough. You have to offer your target group real added value and give them a good reason to buy. Otherwise your cash register will remain empty and dry like the Nevada desert.

The best way to offer added value is to use the following example a guide provide how a reel should be on Instagram and recommend the appropriate software, equipment such as lighting and backgrounds.

You can then use these links as Partner of Amazon personalize it for you. Upon purchase you will receive a Commission.

As before, you can also informative contents such as blog posts, videos or Record podcastin which you provide useful tips, instructions or recommendations.

Just show in a natural way that you are genuinely interested in their problems and are willing to help them.

The more value you deliver, the more they'll be willing to pay on listen to your recommendations and buy the products.

Tip 4: Use different channels

To spread your personal recommendations and reach a larger target group, you should use several channels.

For example, you can use a Blog operate a YouTube channel start, Social media platforms use or E-mail marketing use.

Each channel has its own advantages and disadvantages. From our point of view, it makes sense to Combination from different channels to simply get much more reach.

Experiment with different formats and platforms to find out. Like everything in marketing, it's all about testing! This will also help you understand where your target group is best reached.

Tip 5: Build a strong network

This Referral business doesn't just run alone with you as a lone fighter. It can be very helpful for you to have a Strong network from other affiliate marketers and industry experts.

Exchange ideas with them, learn from your fellow campaigners and their experiences and share your own insights with them.

There are many free get-togethers of like-minded people that we can highly recommend, for example from Ralf Schmitz regulars' tables in every major city.

Joint projects and cooperations can lead to new opportunities and greater success. Maybe your product will show up in a larger affiliate email list... who knows!

Tip 6: Track and analyze your results

This applies to every company: know your numbers! In order to know which recommendations and strategies work best, you should definitely track and analyze your results.

Use Tracking tools and analysis software to see which links are clicked, which products are sold and how high your commissions are.

This valuable knowledge enables you to continuously optimize your marketing strategies and improve your Success rate to increase.

So that more money simply ends up in your account and you can build up a successful business with lots of fun and make recommendations. Earn money can.

Tip 7: Stay tuned and be patient

Also Partner marketing is not a "get rich quick" method. It requires time, commitment and perseverance to be successful.

Don't be discouraged if the results are not immediately visible. Not everyone wants to buy your recommendations, and that's okay.

Keep honing your network, deliver high-quality content and stay in contact with the people.

Over time, you will realize that your efforts are paying off. pay out and you in the long term again and again good sources of money can open.

Membership sites: Build a community and monetize it

With a membership website, you can offer password-protected content and get paid for it. The better this content and the greater the demand for this content, the more money will go into your wallet.

If you grant these customers additional valuable benefits that only exclusively on your member page you add value to the content.

What can be special advantages?

Instead of spreading your valuable information on social media, which is tantamount to the shotgun principle, you can also do this in a more targeted and meaningful way in your Community make.

  • Special training courses
  • Webinars
  • Special reports
  • Offline events
  • special conferences
  • Online courses

Free dating sites are a small example of such membership sites. Anyone can register free of charge and can upgrade if they wish. These can be membership fees or subscription models.

Many associations, clubs and charitable organizations make use of such Membership Sitesto unite a loyal audience and disseminate their content in a targeted manner.

Amazon Prime offers with its Premium program offers the same type of membership, which simply offers more service and options to a specific customer group.

In return, customers pay the shipping giant an amount x for a fixed period of time. You can also use the same strategy take a look.

If you are a WordPress user, you can use suitable plugins to create a protected area create. Only the selected interested parties will then receive the corresponding password.

If you want to dive deeper into this strategy, we can recommend the article by Hubspot from March 08, 2022, enjoy reading:

Dropshipping: Sell products without storing them yourself

Basically, even Dropshipping an e-commerce business model. Here, however, physical goods are purchased and sold on a Dealer platform offered for sale. Goods that you have shipped directly to the customer from China, for example.

Since you have an existing business or are self-employed, it depends very much on whether you want to offer goods or services on the Internet.

If you have your own goods that you want to sell online, there are a whole host of rules and regulations that you need to observe.

As this would go beyond the scope of this article, we will limit ourselves to digital goods and services on this page.

There are dedicated professionals for dropshipping. We have already seen many businesses fail who have tried their luck with this business model.

The most important thing is trustworthy professional at your side. Feel free to contact us and we can certainly recommend someone suitable for your niche.

Online marketplaces: Use existing platforms for your online business ideas

If we take a look at the development of online marketplaces, it is not surprising that the pressure on prices, competition and products continues to increase enormously.

If you have products that you want to make available to new online shoppers on an enterprise marketplace, you should dress warmly - because there is a so-called red ocean here.

A "red ocean" stands for a saturated, highly competitive market, while a "blue ocean" stands for a market that is not yet so well known, new or fairly manageable.

There are lots of really smart ways to optimize your Build your own online business to be able to. Nevertheless, there are always people who have taken their marketplace wealth into their heads.

So let's take a closer look at this business model too.

What major advantages do online marketplaces offer you for your business?

If we take a look at a platform like Amazon, you can quickly see the biggest advantage: this platform offers you a Enormous range - immediately and worldwide!

Of course there are also people who would never order anything from Amazon. But the fact is that Developed infrastructure of the company is really very tempting.

Online marketplaces are growing twice as fast as pure e-commerce platforms - not least because of the already existing secure architecture and the many Interfaces for further connections.

Sounds pretty nice, we would say.

In addition, digital marketplaces bring together different providers and products, which means that the hunger of many buyers can be better satisfied. Namely, to have "EVERYTHING, EVERYTIME AND EVERYWHERE" available.

What is an online marketplace?

The customer buys all kinds of goods on a marketplace. The sellers are third-party providers and usually take care of order processing, shipping and complaints.

Of course, this process gives you the opportunity to be closer to the customer. But you also have all the work that arises after a purchase.

However, so that you can enjoy the large people hungry to buy is available to you, you also deduct a lot from your income.

And that is not so little. Margins are shrinking noticeably due to the ever-increasing competition. You have to decide for yourself whether it's really worth it for you.

Dropshipping or marketplace?

If you're really clever, keep yourself informed and find the right partner for you, you can combine all the advantages.

There are now quite good providers with whom you can flexibly choose a Combination can implement.

In everything you do, we advise you not to rush into anything and to take a Good concept to work out. Even before you've blown all your capital on e-commerce...

Ideas for your online business
Advice on business ideas for online platforms

Digital media: content creation and monetization

The internet offers a wealth of opportunities to build your own online business. If you play it smart, you can make a tidy sum with your digital media content, perseverance and a large portion of motivation.

To get this right, we immerse ourselves in the fine art of creating captivating content. To achieve this, we explore smart ways for our customers and show you here how you can profit from this.

The content we create should be as addictive as the desire for ice cream in the sweltering summer heat. Lively content should speak volumes and, at best, demonstrate a deep understanding of the topic in question right down to the tips of your hair.

This makes your content look authentic, as if it has been penned by an absolute expert. With a consistent tone, style and use of language, we give our content an individual and personal touch.

Our content packs the desired emotions and brings out real empathy to build a deep connection with our customers. This is how you should communicate your topics to the outside world.

And so you not only get enthusiastic customers, but also turn them into loyal followers. As a result, you can keep creating new digital products that are bought like hot cakes fresh from the oven.

Tip: Incorporate more personality and your own experience

Personal stories and personal experiences make your content more tangible and less monotonous. If your content contains interactive elements, it appears more lively.

  • Reply to user comments
  • Involve them in discussions

As a self-employed person and entrepreneur, digital media offers you fascinating opportunities to create appealing content and earn money online. You can do this in a variety of ways. But what is much more important is that you make yourself unique!

Sell unique physical products

How can you manage to become unique and incomparable? By incorporating deep insights into your company story, building a clear structure and integrating human elements such as emotions, personal stories and interactive aspects.

People love stories, heroic tales and deep personal insights - because they are curious by nature. You should definitely take advantage of this. If you don't, someone else will, and they'll take all of your cake and eat it too.

Have the courage! Get out there and take your story to the streets with your products. No matter what you do: you can do it anyway Do not please everyone. Stop - but you can! You can please one person and even make them overjoyed: you!

Conclusion: Never give up on your own business ideas online!

Now you know your way around the online world and how to successfully sell your products online. Always remember that No guarantee of success gives.

But with the right approach, creativity and Stamina you can really get very far.

Don't hang your head if it doesn't work right away at the beginning. Everyone starts small. We also had to make our way in the digital world. So you're not alone - and you have us!

Try things out, test different strategies and learn from your experiences if you really want to make your money.

So, come up with a name, be creative and always give 100 percent. And if you experience a setback, get up again!

Nobody became successful overnight. (Most overnight successes have also taken 5 years of preparation... ) No one has made an instant breakthrough! As long as you keep getting up and keep going and never give up, you have every chance in the world.

With your know-how and the right digital tools, you can conquer the world. Put your ideas into practice, offer your services online and show everyone what you've got. But never forget that success takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day, and you too will need time. Not an overnight superstar.

Keep at it, learn from your mistakes and keep improving. You have what it takes!

About the author

Oliver Albrecht (February 19, 1988 in Berlin) is an entrepreneur and mentor in the digital business. With his experience as a former director and filmmaker for renowned brands and hotel chains, Oliver has perfected the craft of emotional brand communication. In particular, his work for brands such as Hermann Scherer, Tobias Beck, Denys Scharnweber and Business Factory, as well as for international hotel groups such as Steigenberger & Constantinous Bros, set new standards in terms of brand visibility and sales growth.

Today, Oliver is considered a leading expert when it comes to taking the marketing and sales of trainers, coaches and the self-employed to the next level. His approach is based on the concept of "holistic mentoring" and the integration of spirituality into everyday business life. With a special focus on effective marketing & sales for trainers and coaches, he helps his clients to achieve location-independent freedom.

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