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The PACE method for predictable turnover and digital sales

In the fast-paced digital business world, trainers and coaches need that decisive boost to keep up with the grow steadily and generate predictable sales. This is exactly where our business mentoring comes in. And we're not talking about just any mentoring - we offer you the mentoring that suits you, specializing in trainers and coaches.

Business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht and the PACE method goes far beyond traditional consulting. It is a practice-oriented, practicable journeywhere we focus on effective marketing & sales for trainers and coaches. The goal? A solid, location-independent income and the freedom you deserve as a trainer or coach.

The focus here is on the integration of spirituality and ethics. Authenticity is not a buzzword for us, but a central principle. With the PACE method, we manage to generate predictable sales, without sacrificing your own integrity. We rely on resources and tools that are not just tools, but the real "key to success". And always with the entrepreneurial mindset in mind.

"Successful and predictable sales in the coaching sector are based on a firm foundation of ethical marketing and sales. Without integrity and morality in these areas, even the best coaching loses value and impact."
Oliver Albrecht, about values in coaching

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With the PACE method to: predictable sales & a digital business for trainers and coaches

In the world of digital business, as a trainer or coach you are always on the move, always looking for the next big breakthrough, right? With the PACE method, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. It is more than just passing on knowledge. It is an invitation to walk a path together that combines spirituality with business and emphasizes the ethical foundations of marketing and sales.

With the PACE method, you dive into effective marketing & sales strategies and it goes far beyond that. You'll learn how to innovate in online business and tap into passive income streams. This is No ordinary mentoring. It is an opportunity to discover the path to predictable sales and the freedom of a location-independent business as a trainer or coach. Ethical marketing and sales are the key. They are the foundation on which real, sustainable success is built. With integrity and authenticity, you prepare the ground for profound and effective coaching success.

"The PACE method anchors predictable sales in the coaching sector deeply in the core values of ethical marketing and sales. Without this focus, even the most innovative online program would not achieve its effect."
Oliver Albrecht, about the PACE method
Online business mentoring with a pull effect

Marketing & Strategy

As a trainer or coach, building a digital business opens up many exciting opportunities for you. This step allows you to expand your reach and establish yourself as an expert in your specific field. You can now work from anywhere, which significantly improves your quality of life. Your work can be done from anywhere in the world, giving you maximum freedom and independence.

Our tailor-made strategies help you to achieve a stable and sustainable income. We attach great importance to ethical marketing and authentic sales. We give you the tools you need to be successful in the digital coaching sector.

Your HEART Business Mentoring

Sales & turnover

As a trainer or coach, you not only want to do excellent work, you also want to increase your turnover and grow sustainably. Building a digital business offers precisely this opportunity. Here you can optimize your sales strategies and target them specifically to your target group.

Maximize your sales efficiency with our tailored support. We show you how to present your services and products authentically and attract customers who really suit you. Our focus is on ethical marketing and a sustainable increase in sales. We give you the tools to be successful in the digital coaching sector and generate a stable income.

Business Academy

The rapidly advancing pace of the digital economy requires entrepreneurs to constantly adapt and develop.

Oliver Albrecht's Business Academy is the answer:

A platform that combines technical expertise and value-based communication. With over 400 practice-oriented video lessons you will learn effective marketing methods for more predictable sales, more customers and personal development.

See the world through the eyes of your customers and give your business the boost it needs. Do you want to stay ahead in digital business? Then our Academy is just right for you. Sign up now!

Free Business Academy access for members

What customers write about us

Oliver Albrecht is a really strong speaker! Clear and confident! The energy he gives his audience is well received. [...] For me, he is one of the top speakers of the new generation!


Oliver Albrecht was like a load of nitro for the brand! Working with him, as an expert in marketing, has fulfilled everything I need as an entrepreneur. Little effort, lots of return!


He knows how to stage great moments with moving images like no other. As an expert, he always brings participants closer to the power of visibility.


The profound experience in photography and film is crucial for a personal brand and realizable digital business ideas. [...] The event was already great, but this aftermovie is a real escalation.


"If you don't speak positively about yourself, who will?" As a business mentor, Oliver Albrecht helps people to become more radiant and visible. He is a master of images and his expertise on visibility is a top recommendation.


Oliver Albrecht is an absolute expert in his field - working with him is a lot of fun and an incredible enrichment in all respects. His work stands for professionalism as well as passion and emotion.


What customers say about us

Business mentoring accompanies participants further than business coaching can. Individual questions can be addressed at any time in the mentoring program and opportunities can be developed, experts on Oliver Albrecht and your successes.

Manuel Lojo, about the business mentor Oliver Albrecht
Play Video about Manuel Lojo, about the business mentor Oliver Albrecht

Manuel LojoKeynote Speaker & Coach

Denys Scharnweber reports on the successes with Oliver Albrecht
Play Video about Denys Scharnweber reports on the successes with Oliver Albrecht

Denys ScharnweberNLP teacher trainer

Hermann Scherer - Business expert on the collaboration with Oliver Albrecht
Play Video about Hermann Scherer - Business expert on the collaboration with Oliver Albrecht

Hermann Scherer, business expert, coach

David Jacob Huber talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht
Play Video about David Jacob Huber talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht

Thomas Sommerer, Grief coach

Who is Oliver Albrecht - Interview with Hermann Scherer
Play Video about Who is Oliver Albrecht - Interview with Hermann Scherer

Robert GladitzFounder, Coach, Consultant

David Jacob Huber talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht
Play Video about David Jacob Huber talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht

David Jacob HuberTrainer for Networking

Katrin Friedel on the collaboration with Oliver Albrecht
Play Video about Katrin Friedel on the collaboration with Oliver Albrecht

Katrin FriedelMentor for communication

Tanja Schöffski talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht
Play Video about Tanja Schöffski talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht

Tanja SchöffskiCertified Business Trainer

Christoph talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht
Play Video about Christoph talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht

Christoph GoerCEO tennis school, coach

Questions about mentoring & online programs

Find out how you can build your business as an entrepreneur and self-employed person in such a way that you experience independence and freedom and inspire your customers from the heart.

Business mentoring can take different forms depending on your wishes and the program. In general, mentoring involves an experienced entrepreneur accompanying their mentee on certain topics. This support is based on regular discussions with valuable tips, advice on current challenges and ideas for growth opportunities. The personal connection between mentor and mentee is crucial to the success of mentoring, as it covers topics such as self-management and decision-making as well as technical issues.

Mentoring can take place in person via online meetings as well as offline. The duration of mentoring varies between several months and a year, depending on the program and mentor. During this time, the mentee can benefit from the mentor's experience and expertise and specifically turn their weaknesses into strengths. A good mentoring program also allows the mentee to follow up on individual appointments via recordings. Experienced mentors also offer accompanying online courses on specialist topics such as website creation, building visibility and customer acquisition.

The most important factor in business mentoring is the trusting relationship between mentor and mentee, which enables an open exchange and a high degree of effectiveness. A good mentor can be invaluable to an entrepreneur and help the business to grow faster and become more successful.

Mentoring programs can play an important role in achieving personal goals by providing a supportive environment in which people can acquire new skills. The best times for a mentoring program are when people are building a new business, learning new skills, targeting a new niche market or trying something new.
The best time to look for a mentor is when you have a desire for change or new goals as a person and as an entrepreneur.
Each mentor should consider helpfulness as the core of their corporate values in order to encourage and motivate the mentee. The intrinsic motivation to work with others and see growth should be considered when selecting a mentor.

Most people have a business mentor to fulfill their desire for growth and change. How do you find the right mentor? It is important to understand that a mentor can not only be a source of information and advice, but also an emotional supporter. It is advisable to be aware of what emotions and desires you bring to the table and what you are looking for in a mentor.

Once you have an idea of the qualities you are looking for, you can look for people, friends and other entrepreneurs who embody these qualities. The decisive factors for a good and harmonious collaboration therefore include experience, skills, attitude, competence and also personal characteristics.

It can be useful to look for mentors in your personal and professional network who can help you achieve your goals. Business mentoring for entrepreneurs can also often be found through motivational and networking events.

The question of whether coaching and mentoring are the same thing is often asked. Both approaches can help people to achieve their goals. Coaching can help the mentee make better use of their own skills and resources to achieve their goals. Mentoring helps the mentee to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the mentor, to put this knowledge into practice and to gain new impetus in their development.

Coaching is a powerful method that focuses on the individual needs and goals of the mentee. The NLP Business Practitioner is an outstanding example of a coaching program specifically designed to meet the needs of business professionals and executives.

Mentoring, on the other hand, involves the mentor passing on their knowledge and experience. The mentor can also help the mentee to improve their skills and guide them in building a heart business. It is particularly important that the mentee receives a sense of support and confidence in order to achieve growth.

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