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Our affiliate program allows you to benefit financially from our high-quality content and proven online programs. We pay an attractive commission for every successful sale through your recommendation. We focus on ethical integrity, which is why we only work with reliable partners. Sign up, become part of our network and receive our full support in your digital affiliate business.

"The best seminars and online programs I have seen on the market focus on people and their wishes and offer quality instead of quantity and the insane promise of quick riches"

Rules of our affiliate partner program

Compliance with these rules is essential for our partnership. Violations may result in warnings or, if repeated, exclusion. Our integrity is important to us and we expect the same from our affiliates.

  • No self-purchase or fake identity purchase allowed: Make sure that you remain authentic, without manipulation.
  • Honest advertising: Present our products authentically and without exaggerated promises.
  • Prohibited advertising methods: Paid mailers, botnets or scams are strictly prohibited. Quality before quantity!
  • Principle of integrity: Always act honestly, transparently and in the best interests of your customers.
  • Ethical marketing: Your strategies should always meet our high ethical standards.
  • Own advertising material: Be creative, but if you are unsure, please contact us for advice.
  • Transparency is a must: Your customers should always know when you receive a commission for referrals.
  • Direct contact preferredIf you have any questions or uncertainties, we are always there for you. Just get in touch!
  • "Negative marketing" prohibited: Build trust by presenting our products in a positive light.
  • Further training desired: Use our resources, stay on the ball and keep developing.
Our Academy + App Funnel
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Do you want to achieve maximum results as an affiliate with minimum effort? Our Business Academy offers you exactly that. Here are the reasons why our Academy is the ultimate partner for affiliates:

  • Everything in one place: Our Academy is not just a platform. It is the heart of all our courses, united in one central location.
  • Always at hand with our app: No matter where your target group is, our content is always available. With our own app in the App Store and Playstore, we enable anyone to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Automated processes: We have minimized the effort for you. With our sophisticated funnels and upsells, you generate sales while we do the work in the background.
  • The linchpin for success: Our Academy is designed to keep affiliates' backs free while maximizing conversion.
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  4. Access to material & links: After successful login, you will receive access to the partner program, affiliate links and advertising material for our products by e-mail.
We never pass on your data to third parties. You can delete your e-mail address from our system at any time with just one click. Before sending us your registration, please read these important Information on data protection. When registering, the rules of the partner program apply.
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