Digitize your coaching business with the PACE method to achieve predictable sales, more freedom & new target clients

Learn how you as a trainer and coach can expand your existing business with digital programs and products using the PACE method to focus more on yourself, your clients and programs - all digitally.

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The date has already passed. Click here to register for the next event.

2023-10-05 20:00:00

Time zone: (GMT+2 Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna)

Live incl. Q&A

Quality instead of quantity

Business Mentoring by Oliver Albrecht

Oliver Albrecht

Business Mentor

Frank Mohr

Sales Mentor

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Are you a trainer or coach and already have your own business, but your turnover fluctuates regularly and your client acquisition is giving you a headache? Would you like more consistency in your sales and customer inquiries and therefore more financial and geographical freedom?
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Brands that trust us

Exclusive LIVE workshop incl. Q&A

2023-10-05 20:00:00
Duration of the workshop: 1.5 hours

What you can expect at the workshop

PACE strategy for stable sales and growth

Receive our PACE strategy that will pave the way for you to generate predictable sales and a solid client base as a trainer or coach. Learn how to reshape your success and achieve your goals, even with previous failures, using 4 marketing fundamentals.

Marketing automation for more free time despite customer acquisition

Find out how you can minimize your workload and increase your sales at the same time with marketing automation. Learn how you can automate recurring tasks to gain more time for strategic decisions without sacrificing quality.

Passive income through digital products in the funnel

Discover how you can achieve stable sales and increase your financial security by using digital products. Find out how you can create valuable content that is not only sold once, but can be used again and again to secure a permanent income.

"Successful and predictable sales in the coaching sector are based on a firm foundation of ethical marketing and sales. Without integrity and morality in these areas, even the best coaching loses value and impact."
Oliver Albrecht, about values in coaching
Oliver Albrecht in business workshops in Cyprus

About Oliver Albrecht

Oliver Albrecht is a German entrepreneur, business mentor and media expert in the field of marketing. He is a former director and filmmaker of the brands Hermann Scherer, Tobias Beck, Denys Scharnweber, Business Factory and international hotel chains such as Steigenberger & Constantinous. His films and marketing concepts brought the brands greater visibility and significant sales growth.

In the coaching and speaking industry, Oliver Albrecht is regarded as a leading media expert for greater visibility and the implementation of digital concepts. The success of his films and marketing concepts is based on the presentation and communication of emotions and individual brands through the seamless combination of moving images and music.

"Sales goes beyond scripts - it's the authentic human relationships and customer-oriented arguments that count. Without this, true sales potential remains untapped."
Frank Mohr, on the future of sales

About Frank Mohr

Frank Mohr is a German entrepreneur, sales mentor and renowned sales expert. He has his roots in the technical sector and has extensive experience in the area of b2b and customer journeys. As founder of the Institute for Communication for Leadership and Sales (IKFV) and developer of the "Personality Selling Method", he has helped brands such as Dallmayr, Deutsche Bank and Philips to achieve greater customer loyalty and significant sales growth.

Frank Mohr is regarded as a leading force in the field of sales and business coaching, particularly in the application of emotional intelligence and structured processes in sales. His success is based on the seamless combination of emotion and clear structures, which has earned him a top position as a sales expert.

From survival strategy to breakthrough

Visibility, turnover, freedom through clever marketing as a trainer & coach

Are you a coach or trainer and want to really take off in marketing and sales? Do you have ambitious goals when it comes to sales and the customer journey? With our PACE strategy, we offer you the tools to turn your vision into reality.

The PACE strategy is tailor-made for people like you - focused, ambitious and ready to reach the next level. It's about making your business efficient and sustainable. Our exclusive live workshop offers you deep insights into the levers that determine your success. We focus on sustainable sales growth and your customer journey.

Exclusive: One-off LIVE workshop

2023-10-05 20:00:00

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Duration: 1.5 hours incl. breaks
What customers say about us

Business mentoring accompanies participants further than business coaching can. Individual questions can be addressed at any time in the mentoring program and opportunities can be developed, experts on Oliver Albrecht and your successes.

Manuel Lojo, about the business mentor Oliver Albrecht
Play video about Manuel Lojo, about the business mentor Oliver Albrecht

Manuel LojoKeynote Speaker & Coach

Denys Scharnweber reports on the successes with Oliver Albrecht
Play video about Denys Scharnweber reports on his successes with Oliver Albrecht

Denys ScharnweberNLP teacher trainer

Hermann Scherer - Business expert on the collaboration with Oliver Albrecht
Play video about Hermann Scherer - Business expert about the collaboration with Oliver Albrecht

Hermann Scherer, business expert, coach

David Jacob Huber talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht
Play video about David Jacob Huber talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht

Thomas Sommerer, Grief coach

Who is Oliver Albrecht - Interview with Hermann Scherer
Play video about Who is Oliver Albrecht - An interview with Hermann Scherer

Robert GladitzFounder, Coach, Consultant

David Jacob Huber talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht
Play video about David Jacob Huber talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht

David Jacob HuberTrainer for Networking

Katrin Friedel on the collaboration with Oliver Albrecht
Play video about Katrin Friedel on her collaboration with Oliver Albrecht

Katrin FriedelMentor for communication

Tanja Schöffski talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht
Play video about Tanja Schöffski talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht

Tanja SchöffskiCertified Business Trainer

Christoph talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht
Play video about Christoph talks about his business mentoring with Oliver Albrecht

Christoph GoerCEO tennis school, coach

What customers say about us

If you don't speak positively about yourself, who will?" As a business mentor, Oliver Albrecht helps people to become more radiant and visible. He is a master of images and his expertise on visibility is a top recommendation.


Oliver Albrecht was extremely honest and very approachable. A conversation taken from real life. Everything was feasible and achievable. There were so many impulses and ideas that were directly tailored to me.


Oliver is competent, authentic, humorous and full of expertise. ...and incredibly close to "your business", making implementation extremely easy. Top! The mentoring was impressive, in-depth and at eye level.


Oliver Albrecht fascinates with his personality from the very first second. Pure diversity paired with emotion and a strong foundation of know-how - that is Oliver Albrecht.


Oliver Albrecht is a really strong speaker! Clear and confident! The energy he gives his audience is well received. [...] For me, he is one of the top speakers of the new generation!


Experience in photography and film is crucial for a personal brand and digital business ideas. [...] The event was already great, but this aftermovie is a real escalation.


After the first meeting, I already had more structure and was given inspiring ideas. The motivation for implementation increased immediately, Oliver immediately senses where things are still stuck.


I like Oliver's personal approach. He addresses current challenges and coaches openly and directly. He addresses everything directly. As a business mentor, he has helped me make incredible progress.


Wow - I can't remember the last time I was helped so selflessly and with so much foresight and expertise. You will find your perfect business mentor with him.

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