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Become successful faster with your online business coach

For someone who wants to make more of their life, an online business coach can provide valuable support. For some, such an expert is a cadical shortcut. If you are self-employed and want to grow, such support with an experienced business expert is an important decision.

Your online business mentor and coach offers you the shortcut to turning your own skills and passions into a profitable online business. Leading a more fulfilling, self-determined professional life is the dream and goal of quite a few people.

What is online business coaching?

Online business coaching provides expert support and advice and gets you from A to B in the shortest possible time. Such a program is specially tailored to people who want to start their own business. Build an online business or would like to improve.

From an employee's perspective, online business coaching offers ideal opportunities to build a more fulfilling professional life.

The business coach provides online support in developing a clear vision for your own business and setting specific goals.

Goals that can also be implemented and lead to success. He is a good support for you in identifying your own strengths and talents that are useful in your business. Together you will develop individual strategies to achieve the defined goals.


In the best case scenario, obstacles and fears that could make the transition to your own business more difficult are also addressed and overcome. The right coach at your side will help you progress on various levels!

He knows his limits and will also recommend the right expert for any issues that arise.

The focus of online business coaching is on developing the skills and knowledge for your business. successful online business to develop. It supports you in thinking differently and implementing new routines in your life.

What are the contents of online business coaching?

The best programs include topics such as business planning, market research, online marketing, customer acquisition, financial management and much more. Your coach offers you valuable insights into areas that you would not find so quickly on your own.

He draws on proven methods and gives practical recommendations to maximize your chances of success.

The The coaching community is ideal as a supportive environment. You learn to deal with challenges and doubts. You dare to go far beyond the limits that you would otherwise not be able to.

Believe us, the inner doubts will come up again and again. Especially if you can't see the successes yet. Your coach motivates, encourages and provides guidance.

Your coach will accompany you like an experienced mountain guide on the steep, rocky path to financial independence and more free time in life.

Online business coach as mountain guide

Your digital business coaching frees you up financially

The great thing about digital online business coaching is that you can get support from anywhere. But let's delve a little deeper:

  • Tailor-made strategies: A digital business coach develops strategies tailored to you and your business. Online business ideas tailored strategies. This allows you to work more effectively and achieve your goals faster. You buy yourself a shortcut to more free time, so to speak, or whatever your personal goals are. The tailor-made approaches take into account your strengths, weaknesses and specific challenges. Your coach often knows you better than you know yourself. That can sometimes be really scary. But that's exactly what enables you to realize the full potential of your company.
  • Specialist knowledge and experience: A really good business coach has in-depth specialist knowledge and many years of experience in the online industry. You can really benefit from this wealth of knowledge. You take his proven methods, best practices and insider tips and implement them 1:1. This saves you valuable time and avoids costly mistakes that you can make on your own. And believe us: they can be really expensive!
  • Motivation and support: As an entrepreneur, it can sometimes be really difficult to stay motivated and persevere. Especially when obstacles arise. A digital business coach acts as a motivator and supporter. He is your navigation device in stormy times and helps you to maintain positive energy. With their guidance and encouragement, you stay focused, overcome obstacles more easily and achieve your goals with more confidence.
  • Personal growth: Your business expert at your side promotes the growth of your company and your personal growth as an entrepreneur. He or she will help you to recognize your own abilities and strengths, develop them further and thus build up real self-confidence. This allows you to truly surpass yourself. This enables you not only to make your business successful, but also to grow and develop as a person. And your environment usually changes at the same time.
  • Network and contacts: In most cases, your business mentor or coach has a sometimes large network and valuable contacts in the industry. With their support, you can benefit from these networks and make valuable connections. These contacts can prove to be extremely useful.
    Be it for joint ventures, i.e. cooperations, customer recommendations or other business opportunities.

A Joint ventures arises when two entrepreneurs start a project or business venture together. They pursue the same monetary and defined goal. They bring different strengths to the table in order to achieve success more quickly.

Basically, it can be said that digital business coaching offers your company comprehensive added value. You receive the necessary knowledge, support and motivation to run your business successfully and make it profitable more quickly in the long term.

Sometimes there are real WOUW effects and you think to yourself that you would never have thought of it. With a digital business coach by your side, you can achieve your goals faster. It's like an ICE on rails if you stick to the plan. This is exactly how you can make the prospects of sustainable success more tangible.

You will have more confidence that you are on the right track. What if you can seize the best opportunities? When you finally make your dreams and ambitions in the digital business environment come true... well?

The right business coach for a clear view
Having the right coach at your side will help you to stay on top of things

Apply methods that activate the experience

Imagine you are on a hike and find yourself at a point where you are stuck. An experienced business coach can offer you an experience-activating method to get you out of this situation.

He could ask you to change your perspective and look at the mountain from a different angle. Perhaps he suggests you take a short break and consciously take in the nature around you. Breathing fresh mountain air, feeling the gentle wind on your skin and enjoying the impressive view is an effective task.

We'll also tell you the secret behind it: This activates your senses and brings you into the moment. You become aware of yourself in the here and now. At the same time, you have the opportunity to recharge your batteries and clear your head. This takes you out of your situation and helps you to recognize new perspectives and creative solutions.

7 good reasons for your online business coach

Here are seven good reasons why you should book online business coaching.

Clarity in a bank of fogThe coach at your side helps you to gain clarity, even when you are confused and unsure.

A mentor is like a compass on the path to your own business
Your business mentor and coach is like a compass on the path to your freedom

Your calibrated compass for faster goal achievementYour business expert acts as your reliable compass who knows the way and helps you to recognize this way on the way to your goals.

The mysterious treasure map of true successYou will gain access to effective strategies and techniques that will help you make better and faster progress on your way to a successful business.

The turbo rocket with special boosterIt may sound trite, but it really is true: your coach uses their knowledge to help you reach your full potential and progress faster than ever before. It's a mega energy boost!

The powerful surf as a business surfer of the new eraAn experienced business coach encourages you to ride the waves when they come. He encourages you to find the tailor-made diving suit and to adapt to the new challenges.

The legendary magic toolboxMany look for them and only a few find them: the right tools and valuable instruments to skillfully overcome even the biggest obstacles. You receive resources that you might never have thought of...

Your summit team to back you upYour chosen coach offers you valuable support and backing and accompanies you as part of your team on your way to the steep and arduous summit of success.

If that's not reason enough to get the right partner instead of trying to do it yourself. We've seen so many wonderful business ideas fail and that's exactly what we want to prevent. We want you to start your new online business with joy and strength.

And we want you to be in a stable position to make it all the way to the rewarding summit!

With an online business coach at your side, you'll travel faster than on a train
Get to your destination faster than a train with the right online business coach by your side

The 5 most common misconceptions in online business

There are a number of thinking errors that can significantly affect your success and the growth of your online business. Let's take a look at the most common thinking errors:

The quick success

Many people expect quick success in online business and want to achieve high profits immediately. This is because all too often people advertise the legendary "get rich overnight" success. However, these people can become extremely impatient due to this misconception that they too can become rich overnight.

Unfortunately, these people quickly overlook how important it is to have a Solid foundation and thus skip the important development towards long-term strategies.

Perfect and error-free

Entrepreneurs in online business sometimes believe that they have to be flawless from the start. It has been drummed into us since childhood that we must not make mistakes. This behavior often leads to developing a fear of failure and thus sabotaging progress.

We cannot emphasize often enough that we must all understand and accept that Making mistakes is completely normal and should be seen as important learning opportunities. The very exciting performances in the "Fuck up Nights".

We also recommend the big book "My biggest mistake: Confessions of successful entrepreneurs". Here, Obi founder Manfred Maus and people like Dirk Roßmann, who have built up companies worth millions, talk about their biggest mistakes.

Do not take any risks

There are always people in online business who deliberately avoid risks. They always stay at their level and thus in their comfort zone. These people are not prepared to try anything new. They don't dare to try out or implement creative concepts. This error in thinking can lead to them missing out on real opportunities and simply not developing further. What a waste of potential...

Walk alone, then you'll walk faster

Another common misconception is the idea that you have to work alone in online business to get ahead faster. As a result, many people are reluctant to ask for help. And quite a few entrepreneurs even flatly refuse to seek support or exchange ideas with others. Just between you and me: it's clear that this can quickly lead to overload. Quite a few have already maneuvered themselves into burnout. It's also clear that this kills productivity and creativity. Perhaps it will help you to understand how important help and collaboration are.

Lack of flexibility

It is frightening that quite a few people stick to their plans, even when situations change dramatically. I'm not talking about the green grass next door, which is always greener than on our own doorstep. These online self-employed people are not prepared to adjust or correct their tactics; they don't change their perspective and they don't even want to discover new perspectives. Inevitably, this can lead to them ending up in a dead end and simply not being able to develop further.

To summarize

To be successful in online business, it can be from crucial importance to recognize these obstructive mindsets and be prepared to overcome them. On your way to true success in online business, positive and realistic mindsets, a willingness to learn from mistakes and adapt more flexibly to external circumstances, as well as an openness to collaboration and support can help a lot.

Oliver Albrecht, your online business mentor and coach

When are you ready to come into your full size?

As you have read here, an online business coach can offer invaluable added value for people who want to build or improve their online business.

With well thought-out strategies, professional expertise and motivational support, your coach will help you gain clarity, achieve your goals and pave the way to success like a steamroller in the jungle.

It helps you to avoid the most common mistakes and focus on sustainable growth. And that can be pretty tough.

With your coach by your side, you can make faster progress, overcome obstacles and realize your full potential. Be it your personal or your entrepreneurial potential.

When are you ready to make more of your current life? When is the right time to involve an online business coach and take the step towards personal and professional change?

The decision is entirely up to you.

If you know now that you're ready to step out of your comfort zone, explore new avenues and get the best out of yourself and your business, then now could be the right time.

So, when will you take the next step? We have a free workshop for you to see if we're a good fit. Register now for the next free workshop. We'll see you in person - we look forward to meeting you.

About the author

Oliver Albrecht (February 19, 1988 in Berlin) is an entrepreneur and mentor in the digital business. With his experience as a former director and filmmaker for renowned brands and hotel chains, Oliver has perfected the craft of emotional brand communication. In particular, his work for brands such as Hermann Scherer, Tobias Beck, Denys Scharnweber and Business Factory, as well as for international hotel groups such as Steigenberger & Constantinous Bros, set new standards in terms of brand visibility and sales growth.

Today, Oliver is considered a leading expert when it comes to taking the marketing and sales of trainers, coaches and the self-employed to the next level. His approach is based on the concept of "holistic mentoring" and the integration of spirituality into everyday business life. With a special focus on effective marketing & sales for trainers and coaches, he helps his clients to achieve location-independent freedom.

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If you don't speak positively about yourself, who will?" As a business mentor, Oliver Albrecht helps people to become more radiant and visible. He is a master of images and his expertise on visibility is a top recommendation.


Oliver Albrecht was extremely honest and very approachable. A conversation taken from real life. Everything was feasible and achievable. There were so many impulses and ideas that were directly tailored to me.


Oliver is competent, authentic, humorous and full of expertise. ...and incredibly close to "your business", making implementation extremely easy. Top! The mentoring was impressive, in-depth and at eye level.


Oliver Albrecht fascinates with his personality from the very first second. Pure diversity paired with emotion and a strong foundation of know-how - that is Oliver Albrecht.


Oliver Albrecht is a really strong speaker! Clear and confident! The energy he gives his audience is well received. [...] For me, he is one of the top speakers of the new generation!


Experience in photography and film is crucial for a personal brand and digital business ideas. [...] The event was already great, but this aftermovie is a real escalation.


After the first meeting, I already had more structure and was given inspiring ideas. The motivation for implementation increased immediately, Oliver immediately senses where things are still stuck.


I like Oliver's personal approach. He addresses current challenges and coaches openly and directly. He addresses everything directly. As a business mentor, he has helped me make incredible progress.


Wow - I can't remember the last time I was helped so selflessly and with so much foresight and expertise. You will find your perfect business mentor with him.

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